Helicopter Tours

Our helicopter tour guides are just the right amount of cautious and crazy, guaranteeing you an educational and thrilling journey above some of Canada’s most scenic destinations.

Tours offered include Vancouver Island, Niagara Falls, and the Kootenay Rockies.

Urban Tours

You love the cities? We love the cities. We have 3, 7, and 14-day excursions to Canada’s biggest and brightest metropolitan hubs. On these tours you can shop, dine, and play in the finest and most historic locations.

This season, our featured locations are Montreal and Toronto.


"Our neighbors went on a Canadian adventure last summer and did it all through St Clements Snowmobile Club. They had such an amazing time, we had to go see Canada for ourselves and we are so happy we let St Clements Snowmobile Club guide our way. They took care of everything and gave us the best adventure of our lives."

~ Jane Smith

"Canada would have been a great time on our own, but St Clements Snowmobile Club made it amazing!"

~ Fred Cooper

Our Excursions

YOUR EXPERIENCE is Our focus  

Wilderness Hikes

We have hiking and rock climbing tours to suit most fitness levels and sightseeing desires. Our tour guides are currently in love with Lake Louise, which is 35 miles east of Banff. In winter, we can take you ice climbing and in summer we can take you on exquisite trails that lead to serene waters and showcase glorious mountain views.


Have you seen a beluga whale up close and personal? How about catching a view of a polar bear? Our 8-day tour of Canada’s Arctic is the perfect summer getaway. We will take time for hikes on the tundra, sea kayaking, and Northern Light gazing. Our tour is perfect for those wanting to be highly active or for those wishing to spend time capturing the stunning sights on camera.
Creating Lifelong Memories 
We know how precious your holidays are and want only the very best for each of our tourists. We pride ourselves on crafting custom tours to delight every type of traveler.

Our excursions can be in groups or can be private tours for parties of any size.